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Mardi Gras Casino sued by former blackjack dealer for wrongful termination

Mardi Gras Casino sued by former blackjack dealer for wrongful termination

The Mardi Gras Casino and Resort are being sued by an ex-employee who states that her services were terminated by the Casino due to her frequent requests for leave. Jennifer Dillon who was employed as a blackjack dealer said the reason she had to take leave was because she was suffering from an illness.

Dillon worked with the Mardi Gras Casino and Resort from Sep 2008 until Nov 2011 based on the complaint she filed on the 19th of March at the Kanawha Circuit Court.
In the complaint, Dillon said that she suffered from a severe gastro-esophageal disorder and due to this she applied for the intermittent Family and Medical Leave Act leave in May 2011.

From there onwards, her condition kept deteriorating and things kept getting worse, till eventually she was informed that her services were no longer needed. In the claim, Dillon states that when she contacted the Human Resources department, they informed her that her services had been terminated because she had not been coming to work. Dillon also claims that even though she could provide proof of her medical treatment, she was neither reinstated nor compensated for lost wages and has hence decided to take legal action against the Casino.

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