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Get Ready For A New Blackjack Game

Microgaming has put together a new blackjack game called European Blackjack Redeal Gold. As the name suggests, players will be able to get multiple reseals of both dealer cards as well as their own. There is, of course, a small fee for every redial that the player’s request, and it will be up to the players to weigh the advantages of selecting for additional redeals in their overall strategy.

Microgaming has established its name in the online casino and blackjack market as a provider of user-friendly and quality engaging graphics that take the gaming experience to an entirely new level of excitement and fun. There are a whole host of additional features for the users including support for newbie blackjack players.

Chip sizes will range from $1 all the way up to $200, making this a great game for players with varying spending limits. Check out this new and exciting variant of blackjack at Microgaming’s Casino La Vida. Make sure to take advantage of some of their enticing signup bonuses and including deposit bonuses as well as many others. This will definitely infuse some renewed vigor to the game that many online bettors have come to love.

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