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Getting Friendly with Dealers Is A Blackjack Card Counting Strategy

A number of professional blackjack players are expert card counters and many of them claim that getting to know the dealer can help. One particular professional blackjack player, who usually plays in the casinos of Sin City, used a simple card counting strategy.

This player would identify blackjack tables that used 2 decks, reshuffled whenever there were 30 to go because this gave him ample time to count cards and bend the odds in his favor. If the casino followed a policy of reshuffling the cards too quickly, for instance after every 52 cards, his strategy wouldn’t work.

Simultaneously, there are a number of blackjack players who feel that card counting is not really worth it. Card counting is absolutely dull and boring when done as a job, and ultimately, it doesn’t even pay much. Basically, card counting, is repetitive, boring, and mechanical.

The above-mentioned card counter established an excellent relationship with the dealers, maybe to make card counting more interesting or maybe to prevent them from catching him. While card counting is not a crime in Las Vegas casinos, those caught card counting will be chucked out. However, if the dealers like the card counter and consider him to be a nice person, they might allow him to play a little while longer than other card counters.

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