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Cambodian Blackjack Casinos Come Down Strongly On Dead Beat Players

The blackjack casinos in Cambodia have decided to take a very strong stance against the many deadbeat players who plague these establishments. Those players who take loans and gamble but are not able to pay them back or come to the casino gaming floor with the idea of cheating the establishment are sure to regret ever stepping into the casino in the first place.

While this does sound promising and indicates that the Cambodian casinos are trying to curb problem gambling, the methods used to deal with these deadbeat players are beyond belief and would be recognized as illegal in most other countries. The methods may remind you of the movie Hangover II as players who renege on loans get their fingers chopped off.

For instance, Ms. Vo Thi Biet in Vietnam, got a chopped finger in the mail courtesy of the Cambodian casino that her 23 year old son had been known to play at. The elderly lady was required to pay her son’s debt of US $3,500 if she wanted to see her son again. On complying with the casino’s request, Vo Thi Biet got to see her son again.

Such drastic measures are very common in Cambodian casinos. A woman who cheated at blackjack using a wire and won $200,000 USD was tortured and killed inside her hotel room. The blackjack dealer who assisted her was also killed.

Perhaps it is time that players took up online blackjack which is safer and easier on their fingers.

This blog entry was posted on Wednesday, January 25th, 2012 at 9:15 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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