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Florida Indian Gambling Expansion Deal

Governor of Florida Charlie Crist’s agreement with the Seminole Tribe has recently gone into effect with the inclusion into the Federal Register. The changes that the deal allows is the expansion of gaming in Florida is rumored to take a couple months before they show up in Florida Indian Casinos. The Indian casinos are making sure that they have trained staff and have the right equipment before they expand their offerings.

In the short term Florida will receive $50 million dollars because of the new agreement. They are also promised $100 million in the 1st year, $125 million in the 2nd and $150 million in the 3rd year. Long term the agreement could potentially give billions of dollars to Florida schools over the next 30 years.

Though this could change if the supreme court finds that Crist did not have authority to sign the compact which some legislative leaders have challenged. Arguments for the issue will be heard in court on January 30th. The tribes will be allowed to install slot machines but with the compact they would be able to offer blackjack and baccarat to customers.


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