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Blackjack Card Counters Try Their Luck

It is well known that the MIT blackjack team took millions of dollars from Vegas and casinos across the country with team card counting techniques. It is largely unknown how many teams were doing the same thing during the late 90’s before casinos put in security precautions to help catch card counters.  On a side note, Card counting is legal but casinos are able to ask anyone to leave if they want so naturally they try to find the players that are card counting and ask them to leave.

In a recent newspaper article from the Rutland Hearld, it describes a team of card counters who are an unlikely bunch. Their jobs are paralegal, bartender and a pool cleaner and are learning to card count to beat Atlantic City and Las Vegas. They have already hit Atlantic City for $50k and are looking to someday beat Vegas. It is an interesting story of card counters trying to start up and avoid detection. They have paid for training from former MIT team member Mike Aponte who holds private sessions for around $5,000 dollars!

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