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Encore Beach Club Due to Open in May

Sunshine and blackjack don’t typically go together, but Las Vegas casino developer Steve Wynn will give it a shot. On May 22, his Encore hotel will reveal a $70 million facelift, complete with the Encore Beach Club and the Surrender nightclub. While all casinos on The Strip offer gambling, food and entertainment round the clock, Wynn’s renovation lets visitors indulge in all of these amenities, plus sunlight, stargazing and a panorama of the Vegas strip. There are three pools, private cabanas, flat-screen TV’s and air conditioning pumping the breeze inside and out. For gamblers who hate to leave the table but would appreciate some fresh air, the accommodations at the Encore might as well be paradise: there are blackjack and craps tables conveniently stationed alongside the pool.

“We’re setting a new standard here. It’s a night club during the day for people in bikinis and bathing suits,” says Wynn’s business partner Sean Christie.

Adults 21 and older can nestle in the comfort of floating, man-made lily pads or sprawl on day beds bordering the pool. Even during meals guests won’t miss a beat. The hotel restaurant SWITCH features a glass wall divider so diners can have a lively view of the crowd at Surrender nightclub.

Information source: Kenna, Kathleen. “Vegas in May: from near-naked ladies to Barenaked Ladies.” April 2010.

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