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Crist Signs Billion Dollar Blackjack Deal Without Alerting Press

Charlie Crist, the governor of Florida put the official stamp to the billion dollar blackjack gaming deal with the Seminole Indians this week, when he penned his signature to the document. Surprisingly, the governor did this in a rather quiet manner and did not call for any press to publicize the deal which could result in making the state’s economy richer by a billion dollars. The reason for his decision remains unknown. It is possible that the governor may not have wanted to attract any untoward publicity from the anti-gambling sections of the population to interrupt the deal.

“Today’s bill signing is the last step in a historic effort that benefits both the Seminole Tribe and the entire state of Florida. Following three years of healthy debate and deliberation, the children and families of Florida are now the beneficiaries of much-needed money that will be used to fund critical needs such as education,” said Florida Governor, Charlie Crist.

The governor avoided having a news conference, despite the bill being a major change in legislation and called forth two representatives as his witnesses. Rep. Bill Galvano and Sen. Dennis Jones were the two noted official who were present at the event.

It may be possible that the Crist, will have a press conference later on and perhaps a ceremonial signing of the document for the public in the weeks to come. The deal will give the Seminoles the right to operate slots, blackjack and other table games in their local casinos.

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