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Cheap Blackjack Tables Make Money for Atlantic City Casinos

Land based casinos in Atlantic City are currently bogged down with financial issues, but that does not prevent them from launching exciting promotions. Recently, Trump Marina Hotel Casino in Atlantic City launched an interesting blackjack promo, which became an instant success.

One would think that blackjack players would hardly bother about Trump Marina Hotel Casino because it has only a couple of one-dollar blackjack tables. The casino had applied for a license for cheap blackjack tables with the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and had discovered that it could apply for a third $1 table too. But these cheap blackjack tables are now generating huge profits for the casino.

Two-dollar blackjack tables were quite common in Atlantic City casinos in the early nineties, but later casinos discarded them in favor of high-stakes blackjack games. Early this year, these tables were re-introduced at Resorts Atlantic City in order to popularize a blackjack variant that required players to pay a 25-cent fee while placing a bet in the range of $2 to $5 on a blackjack hand.

Trump Marina Casino imposed a similar fee for its cheap blackjack tables. Today, the casino’s cheap blackjack tables generate as much as $1,100 in profits every week day and $1,500 at weekends.

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