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Cash Withdrawals Now A Possibility For Ukash Customers

Ukash is one of the online methods that most online blackjack players used to make deposits. It is a UK based e-wallet service that has been providing online gambling players the option of making deposits at gambling websites without having to divulge their personal information.

The company recently announced that it will now work with PayPoint to offer its customer base the option to not only make deposits but to also start cash withdrawals. This is great news for the online blackjack community as they will now also be able to take out their prize money.

CEO David Hunter of Ukash said “At the heart of this new service is our mission to give consumers the utmost flexibility with their Ukash, We also believe it creates even greater appeal for e-commerce retailers to add Ukash to their payment options.”

Most online blackjack players prefer to keep their payment information confidential as not everyone are comfortable with letting others know how much they spend or make online. The Ukash service is an ideal platform as users need not fill out their personal information to make payments or withdrawals. Not only will the online gambling community benefit from this new service but those who spend a lot of time shopping online will also be able to take advantage of the Ukash online payment service.

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