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Blackjack – the Most Player Friendly Game at Oklahoma Casinos

Oklahoma has over 70 casinos, and players can win big money if they play their cards smartly. The trick is to choose games that have a lower house edge, such as blackjack. Casino games such as slots have a high house edge and players cannot always hope to win big money playing slots. They will win only if they are lucky. However, blackjack players can always bend the odds in their favor if they implement basic and advanced blackjack strategies.

Speaking about house edge, Jay Bean, who serves as the floor manager of a prominent casino chain, said that table games have a lower house edge than slots. Further, he said that blackjack, which has a house edge of just one percent, gives players the best chance of winning.

The second most player friendly game is craps and the third is roulette, but both craps and roulette are electronic games at Oklahoma casinos.

According to, the games with the highest house edge are popular slots such as Wheel of Fortune, some of which have a house edge greater than 10 percent. Oklahoma players are therefore advised to play blackjack if they want to win, but are simultaneously warned that the most player friendly games can get house friendly.

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