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Blackjack Player Celebrates with Bon Jovi and World’s Most Expensive Champagne

Don Johnson, one of the most famous blackjack players of this day, recently made the news when he was caught partying in London over the weekend in a style worthy of the money he has won.

Don Johnson spent this fat lot of money on a 30 liter bottle of Armand De Brignac Midas champagne which is reported to be the world’s most expensive champagne and treated his companions to an incredible night.

Johnson has become a household name for offline & online blackjack players who want to win big as he is the man who has actually been there and done that when he took several Atlantic City Casinos for a ride and won millions of dollars reported to be in the count of 15 million.

Johnson took a good portion of his winnings across the pond and partied wild with his friends and Jon Bon Jovi at a sophisticated English nightclub. It was a wild night full of champagne and fun at the One4One bar and reportedly Johnson ended up spending over 168,000 pounds at the bar alone.

Johnson, who is 49 years old is from Bensalem in Pennsylvania and is generally thought to be a very down to earth person. However, now that he has got his first taste of success, he may be entitled to become a party animal.

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