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Blackjack Players Flock to Caesars Casino to Play Swimming Pool Blackjack

Caesars Casino concept of allowing blackjack players to sit in the pool and play blackjack at a special made blackjack table has resulted in a new influx of players to the casino.

These special “blackjack pool” games give a new meaning to the words pool table and permit players to sit on immersed seats, where the blackjack table is a raised over the water.

When sitting on the stools players will end up being chest deep or waist deep in the water – depending on their height.

The blackjack dealer stands at the edge of the pool and is on dry land, while the players are in the water. These games take place at the Caesars Palace Fortuna pool in the Garden of the Gods Pool Oasis. The blackjack games in the pool are scheduled to begin daily at 8 am and go on until 8 pm. According to their rules, players are allowed to double down only on 10 and 11.

What’s more, most of the blackjack dealers at the blackjack pool tables look like models and add to the scenery. Although, these games were introduced over 2 years ago, swimming pool blackjack has only just caught on. There currently are slot machines for players looking to try their luck but who knows…maybe that will be next if the pool blackjack remains popular.

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