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Blackjack Games with 3 – 2 Payout Rare in Atlantic City

New Jersey gambling regulations required all Atlantic City casinos to offer single-deck blackjack games once upon a time. Today, players will find only a few single-deck blackjack games, and even if they do find one, they pay only 6 – 5 for blackjack instead of the usual 3 – 2. Since this raises the house edge for these games by 1.58 percent, players are urged to avoid single-deck blackjack games at Atlantic City casinos.

Unlike casinos in Las Vegas, casinos in Atlantic City deal cards from shoes in order to discourage card counters. Besides, they limit bet sizes, refuse mid-shoe entries, and shuffle the cards whenever they suspect a player of counting cards. Back in the eighties, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin convinced a dealer to deal from the hand, instead of the shoe. The Casino Control Commission slapped a fine of $25,000 on the casino, which Sinatra felt obliged to pay. Besides, four casino workers, including the pit boss, the croupier, and the supervisor, were suspended.

Players are advised to choose a simple blackjack variant that pays 3 – 2 for blackjack instead of 6 – 5. The best way to lower house edge is to choose a game with the fewest decks possible with an affordable betting limit.

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