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Archie Karas Pleads Not Guilty in Blackjack Cheating Case

The case of Archie Karas, who stands accused of cheating at the blackjack tables, is now being heard at a California court. Karas has stated that he is not guilty of the charges leveled against him while playing blackjack at a California casino.

Not many in the blackjack gaming community were surprised when Karas was arrested. He had been arrested on four different occasions for cheating at casinos based in Las Vegas.

The amount involved in the latest case is just $8,000, which does not mean much for a man like Karas. In the early nineties, Karas attracted attention when he won a large sum of $40 million only to lose it all. But he has been caught cheating at the blackjack tables, and it is not very easy to wriggle out of a legal mess like that. Besides, the casino’s surveillance cameras had caught the Greek gambler cheating at the tables, so the court is not likely to accept his not guilty plea.

Karas, a professional gambler of Greek origins, has won over $200k playing live poker tournaments, especially the World Series of Poker (WSOP).

He stands accused of cheating at Barona Casino, which now hopes that it will be compensated for the losses it sustained.

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