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21 DVD Will Have Blackjack Card Counting Game

“21” will be hitting retail shelfs on July 22nd and the DVD will pack a couple surprises that fans of the movie will be sure to enjoy. The Blu-Ray version will include a blackjack interactive game that will allow players to play blackjack and practice or learn card counting in a classroom setting.

The regular DVD will not have the blackjack game but will come with a portable version of the movie for your laptop or iPod! On a side not, I hope packaging a portable version of a movie becomes a standard when you buy a DVD because I have to say it is a great idea.

I watched 21 and thought the movie was not as good as the book (usually this is a given) but was entertaining. There were a couple things that were very “hollywood” and were almost unnecessary but overall blackjack definitely got pushed to the limelight which I thought was great.

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