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Shaq Jack Goes Live in Pennsylvania Casino

Have you ever had a dream of being the big-man at the blackjack table? If so, then get ready to live out your fantasy, as Shaq Jack has been released to Parx Casino in Pennsylvania.
The game is a video blackjack game that features a live dealer alongside a basketball theme. The live dealer deals out three hands, and players select which hand they want to play and then are given the option to play out the hand on their own accord. The terminal for the game resembles a slot machine but brings with it a digital Shaq, who offers the player insurance or peps them up after a win. Players are able to split, double down, and take insurance in the game, which otherwise plays like a traditional blackjack title.

The game was developed by Dynamic Gaming Solutions and is currently exclusive to Parx, although future expansion is likely given the group’s history of putting out classic games.

A video preview of Shaq Jack has been posted to YouTube by DGS and can be viewed below:


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