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Real Time Gaming is one of the fastest online casino platforms in the world. The software is often referred to simply as RTG. Most Real Time Gaming sites accept U.S. players. It is by far the most popular in the American market.

There are six blackjack games available in the standard blackjack platform. The bet range for RTG sites is usually $1-$200. Some sites will raise limits for VIP players upon request. All games follow the American hole card rule and pay 3-2 on a natural blackjack unless otherwise noted. Six decks are typically used, which are reshuffled after every hand.

Classic Blackjack

The Classic Blackjack game allows players to double on any two cards and after splitting. Pairs may be split twice into three hands except aces, which only receive one card. The dealer hits soft 17.

This game offers the Perfect Pairs side bet. A suited pair pays 25-1. A colored pair pays 12-1, while a pair of different colors pays 6-1.

European Blackjack

The European Blackjack game does not deal the hole card to the dealer until after the player acts. This means that a player should not double down or split against tens or aces as the house does not check for blackjack before the player chooses his action. A split or doubled hand would lose twice as much if the dealer ended up with blackjack.

Other rules include the dealer staying on all 17’s and the player only being allowed to double down on 9-11 before and after splitting.

Face Up 21

Face Up 21 exposes both dealer hole cards. The house wins all ties except on blackjack. which pays even money and always wins. The player may double down on 9-11 only both before and after splitting.


The Pontoon game spread on the Real Time Gaming platform is unlike the one dealt at casinos in the South Pacific. The player starts with two up cards, while both of the dealer’s are placed face down. The player must hit until he has a 15 or higher. A double down that does not make it to 15 will automatically receive additional cards.

A Pontoon is a two-card 21 hand and is the highest rank in Pontoon. A winning Pontoon pays 2-1. The next best hand is a five-card trick, which is five cards that do not bust. From there, point values determine the winner of the hand. The dealer wins all ties, including Pontoons and five-card tricks. A tie on a five-card trick occurs when both the dealer and player have five cards that do not bust, regardless of the point values.

Players may double down at any time, even after hitting. Split aces may be hit or doubled, but not re-split. The dealer hits soft 17.

Super 21

Super 21 at RTG casinos is the same exact game that is known as Super Fun 21 in Las Vegas. It is dealt with eight decks. It offers a number of exotic rules. Blackjack always wins, but only pays even money, unless the ace and face are diamonds. A diamond flush blackjack pays 2-1. A six-card hand that does not bust automatically wins.

Double down is allowed on any number of cards before and after splitting. This includes split aces, which may also be hit. Surrender is allowed at any time, even after a double down. The dealer hits a soft 17.

Match Play 21

Match Play 21 is referred to as Spanish 21 in live casinos. The game uses eight decks that are missing 10’s. Face cards are still in the deck. A player 21 always wins, regardless of whether it was hit into or a natural blackjack. Players may double down after hitting. Double down surrender is available. There are several hands that return more than even money when hit that go beyond the 3-2 paid on a natural blackjack.

Match Play 21 Bonus Hands

  • Three suited sevens versus a dealer 7: 40-1
  • 777 or 678 Spades: 3-1
  • 7+ card 21: 3-1
  • 777 or 678 suited: 2-1
  • 6-card 21: 2-1
  • Unsuited 777 or 678: 3-2
  • 6-card 21: 3-2

Match Play 21 tip: Never take insurance. The absence of 10’s makes it 25% less likely for the dealer to make a blackjack when showing an ace.

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