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Playtech is one of the most popular online casino platforms. It is used by many international sportsbooks and poker sites. Playtech online casinos accept players from most countries. One exception is the United States.

One great feature of Playtech is that the sites often operate their own payment processing, support and promotions. This means that if you are not satisfied with one Playtech online casino then you can simply sign up at another one. This also means that you may claim bonuses at all licensed sites as each one is independent.

There are 10 blackjack games available at Playtech online casinos. Most of the games offer a high return to players. Some of the exotic blackjack games have returns outside of what is typically found at more traditional games. The minimum bet at most Playtech casinos is $2. The maximum bet is normally $100, although operators will raise the limits upon request from qualifying players.

Playtech Live Dealer Blackjack

Playtech spreads a live dealer blackjack game. The limits start at $5 and run up to $500 at most sites. Live blackjack is a multi player game where the tables are public and are open to all customers across all Playtech licensees.

This is the only blackjack game at Playtech that does not shuffle after every hand. The game uses eight standard decks and shuffles after half the deck has been dealt.

Live blackjack allows double down on any two cards and after splitting. Split aces may be re-split. All pairs may be split up to three times. Blackjack pays 3-2 and the dealer stays on all 17’s.

The Perfect Pair side bet is available. This pays 25-1 on a suited pair, 12-1 on a pair of the same color and 6-1 on uncolored pairs.

Classic Blackjack

Classic Blackjack allows players to bet on up to five hands against the dealer. The game uses six decks and the dealer stays on all 17’s. Blackjack pays 3-2. Double down is offered on any two starting cards and after splitting. Pairs may be split up to three times except aces, which receive just one card.

Progressive Blackjack

Progressive Blackjack offers the same rules as Classic Blackjack. Up to five hands may be played at a time. There is a $1 optional side bet linked to a progressive jackpot with the following payouts:

  • Four suited aces: 100% of progressive
  • Three aces of the same suit: $2,500
  • Four unsuited aces: $1,500
  • Any three aces: $250
  • Pair of suited aces on first two cards: $100
  • Pair of unsuited on first two cards: $25

Blackjack Surrender

This game offers the same rules as Classic Blackjack except that surrender is allowed. Blackjack Surrender only allows players to bet on one hand at a time.

Perfect Pair Blackjack

Perfect Pair Blackjack spreads the same rules as Classic Blackjack. The game offers an optional side bet that pays 25-1 on a suited pair, 12-1 on a same-colored pair and 6-1 on uncolored pairs.

Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch requires players to bet on two hands at the same time. Each wager must be equal. Four cards are then dealt to the player with two going to each hand. The player is allowed to swap a card from one hand and place it in another. The replaced card from the second hand moves to the first one.

Blackjack Switch uses six decks. Blackjack pays even money. A switched blackjack is only considered to be 21. Double down on any two cards and after splitting is permitted. Pairs may be split once. Split aces may not be hit or doubled. Any hands still in action push if the dealer makes a 22.

Blackjack Switch has an optional side bet called Super Match. The first four cards dealt to the player are used to determine if the side bet wins.

  • Four of a kind: 40-1
  • Two pair: 8-1
  • Three of a kind: 5-1
  • Pair: 1-1

21 Duel

This game is exclusive to Playtech. It requires players to have three equal bets before playing. The player and dealer are dealt two cards. Each receives one up and one down. Two cards are then placed face up in the middle of the table.

The player has three options. He may fold and lose his bet, make a second wager to hit or stand, or make a hit and a double wager to double down. Once the decision is made, the player chooses which of the two center cards he wants to use with his up card as a start hand. The player’s down card is used if a hit or double down option is used. The player cannot draw any additional cards. The most cards used in any hand by the dealer or player are three.

Once the player has acted, the dealer will choose which card from the center he would like to use. He may choose the same card as the player. If the point total is less than 17 then the dealer will expose his hole card and include it in the hand. The dealer must have 13 or more to qualify. Any count below 13 is a push.

If the dealer qualifies, the two hands are compared and graded as a normal blackjack game would. Ties are pushes.

There is a 2UP side bet with a massive house edge of 41%. This bet combines the player’s up cards with the two cards in the center. A pair pays 3-1, while three of a kind pays 30-1. All other hands lose. This side bet is optional.

Lucky Blackjack

Lucky Blackjack is a perfect way to play the blackjack without having to learn basic strategy. Simply place a wager and the software does all the rest. Players may bet on any point total of 17 or more. The other option is the bust. More than one wager may be made per hand. The hand hits on hands up to 16 and stands on all 17’s.

Lucky Blackjack pay table:

  • Ace and ten-value card on first two cards: 19-1
  • All other 21 hands: 12-1
  • 20: 4-1
  • 19: 6-1
  • 18: 6-1
  • 17: 5-1
  • Busts (22 or more): 2-1


Playtech’s Pontoon is different than the game typically found in casinos in the southern hemisphere. Both of the dealer’s hole cards are dealt face down in online Pontoon. The best hand is a Pontoon, which is a natural blackjack. Pontoon pays 2-1. A five-card trick, which consists of five cards that do not bust, is the second best hand. After Pontoon and five-card trick, hands are graded as they would be in a standard blackjack game.

There are several other differences between Pontoon and blackjack. The dealer wins all ties, even on a Pontoon and five-card trick. Split hands that turn into a Pontoon are paid 2-1, just like a natural. Players must hit until the hand is 15 or more. This includes when doubling down. The software will automatically draw if a double down is a hard 14 or lower.

Players may double down on any two cards and after splitting. Pairs may be split up to two times. The dealer hits soft 17.

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