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NGCB Issues Online Poker License to Siena Casino

Siena Casino recently announced that it intends to provide online poker in Nevada. The casino received a license from the Nevada Gaming Control Board a couple of weeks ago. Siena will be collaborating with Z4 Poker to reach players throughout Nevada.

Eric Colvin, Chief Technology Officer at Z4, said that his company is excited to work with Siena. He believes that the Nevada online poker market is an untapped goldmine. Z4 provides some of the most popular interactive gaming technology on the market. Colvin said that customers want to have access to the best gaming platforms available. He feels this will give his company a competitive edge over those that are relying more heavily on flashy advertising campaigns.

Many companies are worried that Nevada’s player base is too small to support a number of competitors. This has made many companies hesitant to activate their online poker licenses. However, Colvin isn’t worried about the competition. He said that Z4 offers superior technology to that available from most other companies. He believes that Siena and Z4 will be able to compete against Ultimate Poker, and other online poker providers.

Colvin said that online poker technology providers have offered the same technology for over 10 years. He said that Z4 believes it is time to reinvent the industry and provide more innovative solutions. Z4 plans to develop something much more innovative and introduce it in the near future. They are already planning beta tests.

Siena and Z4 haven’t announced when they intend to launch online poker. They still need to get approval from the Nevada Gaming Commission, but experts believe they will receive a license in the near future.

This blog entry was posted on Wednesday, November 13th, 2013 at 6:29 pm and is filed under Casino News.

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