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Nevada Assemblyman Horne Supports Sandoval’s Online Gaming Bill

Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval is pushing for a new law that would allow Nevada to offer interstate poker within the next month. Assembly Majority Leader William Horne said that he supports Sandoval’s efforts and is willing to sponsor a separate bill if revisions to the existing law can’t be made.

State lawmakers were previously waiting for the federal government to pass an online gaming bill that would allow them to provide interstate gambling. However, Sandoval and Horne feel that they can’t afford to wait for the federal government to pass an interstate gaming bill. Many other states are working on legislation that would allow them to offer online gaming across state lines.

Sandoval recently stated that the state needs to make legalizing online gaming a top priority. New Jersey governor Chris Christie issued a conditional veto on an online gaming bill last week. Sandoval said that Nevada will need to make haste in its efforts to lead online gaming market. Horne agreed with the governor’s sentiments and believes that Nevada can lead the future of online gaming in the United States.

Horne said that Nevada’s population isn’t large enough to sustain an online gaming industry on its own. The state’s gaming providers will need to work with gaming companies in other states to reach a larger player base. Other states would also benefit from these compacts, because Nevada has much more experience running a complex online gaming industry.

Horne believes that Nevada will be at the forefront of the online gaming industry if they take these steps. Horne is ready to pass a new bill if necessary, but he may not need to take the initiative to do so. The Nevada Gaming Control Board intends to introduce a nearly identical bill in the next month.


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