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Draft of Reid’s Bill is Finally in Circulation

Senator Reid has spent several months discussing the bill he coauthored with Jon Kyl. The draft of the bill has finally started to circulate. Members of the gaming community are eager to view the draft of the bill. However, experts feel that it is still too early to predict how much support Reid and Kyl will gain from the gaming community or other politicians.

According to some of the first critics of the bill, it offers a few optimistic signs for online poker regulation. However, some critics feel the bill may not receive much support from the online gaming community.

One of the stipulations of the bill is that it intends to strengthen laws that limit online gaming other than poker.. Reid and Kyl are calling to overturn the Justice Department’s decision in December when it decided that sports betting is the only form of gambling deemed to be illegal online.

Some critics are disappointed with the terms of the bill. They believe it is in the best interest of the United States to offer other forms of online gaming as well. Millions of Americans continue to play online slot machines and other forms of online gambling. Many advocates of online gaming feel that those provisions would be detrimental to the nation.

Under the new bill, any organization that offered online gaming other than horse racing or poker could be sentenced to 10 years in prison and considerable fines.

Another concern with the bill is that it would take more than a year before they could launch an online poker market. Many people have been opposed to this waiting period. Reid and Kyl said their intention was to create a level playing field for all companies offering online gaming services.

Although many people are disappointed by some of the terms in the bill, they may still want to support the bill as a whole. Reid and Kyl’s bill is the most promising prospect for online poker legislation. However, supporters are also concerned that lawmakers will continue to postpone putting the bill to a vote.

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