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3G Studios Plans to Offer Online Gaming in Nevada Next Spring

Gaming developer 3G Studios has stated that they are applying for an online gaming license in Nevada. James Kosta, CEO of 3G Studios, said that the firm hopes to be able to begin providing online poker within the next six months.

Kosta said that they hope federal lawmakers will legalize online poker within the next couple of years. 3G’s long-term goal is to offer players the opportunity to play against their friends throughout the country. He feels that online gaming will be one of the biggest changes for the online gaming industry.

3G intends to develop a number of new applications that can revolutionize the gaming industry. Kosta has also proposed an idea for a sports betting application for iPhones. However, the federal government will need to change the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, which prohibits online sports betting.

Some skeptics have questioned Kosta’s support of online gaming. Kosta said that he doesn’t feel it is irresponsible to encourage online gaming, provided players treat it solely as a form of entertainment. He said that there is no reason to discourage players from gambling if they understand their budget limitations and don’t spend beyond them.

Members of the gaming community are supportive of Kosta’s proposals. However, 3G can’t implement many of them until the federal government passes a bill that will regulate online gaming. The gaming community has been pessimistic about the timeframe where online gaming will be legalized.

Despite a number of setbacks, Kosta believes regulation will be passed in the near future. Nevada Senator Dean Heller expects a bill will be passed before New Years.

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