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Changing Your Play When Double Down After Splitting Not Allowed

Double down is one way to increase your edge over the house when playing blackjack. All casinos allow players to double down. Some allow it on any two cards, while some restrict it to 9, 10 or 11 only. Some blackjack games go so far as to only permit double down on a count of 10 and 11.

Double down is not just effective on the first two cards. It can also increase your win if you are allowed to do it after splitting pairs. Some casinos do not allow this though. If the rules restrict double to certain player counts then double is not likely to be permitted after splitting.

Double down after splitting decreases the house edge. When played correctly, it drops the house edge by .14% when compared to games that otherwise offer the same rules.

Some pairs play better than others after splitting. The basic strategy pertaining to splitting changes depending on what card the dealer is showing. Not being allowed to double down after a split also changes the proper play.

The following hands should be split when double down is permitted afterwards. That changes if the house does not offer this benefit. In restricted double after split games, do not break up the following pairs:

  • 2’s against a dealer 2 or 3
  • 3’s against a dealer 2 or 3
  • Never split 4’s
  • 6’s against a dealer 2

All of these hands should be hit. Basic strategy should be played on these hands after receiving the next card.

Where to Find Double Down After Split Rules

Online casinos will disclose the blackjack rules in multiple ways. The casino’s website will typically list each blackjack game. Those pages will usually display the rules of the game. The casino software will have help files for each game. This information can also be found there. The blackjack table’s virtual felt may have a rules placard. Hovering over or clicking the rules box will display the information.

Live casinos do not generally disclose whether double down after splitting is allowed on the table. In Las Vegas, all shoe games allow double down after splitting. None of the single deck games allow it. Double deck games depend on the house.

Caesars Entertainment double deck blackjack games do not ever allow double down after splitting. MGM and Station Casinos always allow it. Downtown Boyd Gaming casinos do not allow it, while its locals’ joints do. Golden Nugget does not allow it on the main casino floor, but it is allowed in the high limit salon. The minimum bet is often $25 at each so always check the high limit blackjack pit’s limits before playing.

Ask the dealer before making your first bet at any live blackjack table. That way you know the rules before getting into a situation where you split when you should not have.

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