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Michael Dalton

Michael Dalton is a professional gambler, publisher, author and founder of the Blackjack Review Network.  Although he received the NASA Exceptional Achievement Medal, he is best known for his book Blackjack:  A Professional Reference, which was later renamed to Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One and was published from 1992 through 1998.

Dalton first become interested in the game of blackjack while he was employed by NASA during the 1980s.  He considered card counting to be a fun diversion t his regular duties and ultimately grew passionate about the games of blackjack and poker, which led to his authoring of Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One.  In 2004, he went on to publish David McDowell’s controversial book entitled Blackjack Ace Prediction.  Although the book initially received a great deal of praise, technical problems with his strategy were later revealed when it was more closely analyzed by professional gambler Arnold Snyder.

Dalton’s Encyclopedia of Casino Twenty-One, however, is still held in high regard within the blackjack community.  Even better for blackjack aficionados, the content of the book is now available for free on Dalton’s website.  The website also features free poker and blackjack forums available to the public.

Today, Dalton lives in Merritt Island, Florida, where he is married and regularly plays he bagpipes with the City of Melbourne Pipes and Drums bagpipe band in Melbourne, Florida.

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