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Mobile Blackjack

If you are looking to play blackjack on your iPhone or other mobile device then we can help. We have the most popular ways to get your blackjack fix while you are on the run. There are currently no games that offer real money blackjack but it won’t be long before this is offered.

iPhone and iPod Touch Blackjack

There are two ways to play games on the iPod Touch and iPhone. You can download and install a game on your iPod or you can play while on the internet using your safari browser. The later you don’t need to have hacked your iPod so it is naturally an easier solution.

iPhone/Touch Blackjack – Web Games

Mobile Blackjack

Card Counting iPhone App

Recently casinos have been reporting on looking for players using a blackjack card counting app. The app is called “A Blackjack Card Counter” App and is currently $1.99 at the itunes store. The app allows players to input the cards dealt and calculates the true count.

There is a stealth mode where you can use the program with the screen blackjack (looking turned off). You can then set it to vibrate when the true count is at a specified value.

We do not recommend using this app while playing blackjack at any casino. This is illegal and you can be prosecuted.

Learn to Card Count

If you would like to learn how to card count check out our card counting blackjack tutorial written by a professional card counter.

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