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For years online casinos have left their apple-using clientele in the dust, but recently all that has changed. With the advent of Flash technology, Mac-compatible casinos are more popular than ever. Its hard to keep track of which apple-friendly casinos are at the top and here at Online Blackjack Odds, we will keep you in the know of the best Mac-friendly blackjack casinos and the technology that runs them.

Mac-compatible casinos most prominently use Flash technology. This means that the entire suit of casino games, including blackjack, are now available free of download. In particular, Adobe Macromedia’s Flash technology has made the largest advance in download free software.

Mac players need not fret about a change in quality or security using the new Flash technology. Flash and download software has been proven to run at equal speeds for PCs and Macs. The graphics and hand speed remain high-caliber and speedy. Sites ensure security with a 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Digital Encryption. Random Number Generators used for the Flash software are the same as for the download, so games are assuredly random.

If you are a Mac user you can now play blackjack online free of worry and full of fun.

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