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Paris Casino Blackjack

History of Paris Casino in Las Vegas

The most romantic city in the world is carefully recreated in Paris Las Vegas. Notable attractions include scaled down reproductions of the Arc de Triomphe and the Eiffel Tower.

Guests enter the resort to greetings of “Bonjour” by staff while strolling past restaurants which line the walkways similar to Parisian cafes.

The extensive casino covers 85,000 square feet and includes a vaulted ceiling featuring statuary and the legs of the Eiffel tower. Inside the expansive casino, guests can enjoy numerous different types of games including slot machines, a sports and race book and poker.
A cobblestone street recreates Le Boulevard featuring restaurants and shops. The statuary flanking Le Boulevard are surprisingly lifelike because some of them are actually real people. The most important feature of the Paris Las Vegas is the way in which intimacy is stressed. Even the buffet area is situated in cozy, small dining rooms.
Amenities include a European style health spa, a French pastry shop and luxurious convention areas. Guests will enjoy entertainment options such as The Producers, Ooh La La and a French nightclub, Risque.
The 2,916 guest rooms are well appointed and spacious including well thought out amenities.

Paris Blackjack

Number of Blackjack Tables
: 25

Minimum Blackjack Bet: $10

Max Blackjack Bet: $10,000

Blackjack Variations: Single / Double / Shoes

House Rules: Vary by Pit: No surrender on High, No double after split

Blackjack Tournaments: Invitation only

Blackjack Tutorials: Occasional morning tutorials, check with guest services

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