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History of the Harrah’s Las Vegas

Harrah’s stands out as an icon against the Las Vegas cityscape. The hotel is known for a festive exterior lounge as well as diverse options in entertainment and a giant casino.

Guests enter through the Carnival Court; a huge outdoor lounge which features performing bartenders and popular bands. Food stands, shops and kiosks are also located throughout the street-fair type area.

As guests enter the large casino they will notice the Piano bar and world class entertainment in addition to more than 86,000 square feet of gaming.

Dining options include Flavors Buffet, The Range Steakhouse, Ming’s Table, Penazzi, Carnival Court Bar & Grill and Winning Streaks Bar & Grill.

Harrah’s also offers an Olympic-sized pool and Jacuzzi as well as a health club and spa featuring numerous different types of services and massage.

Guest accommodations include 2,677 rooms situated throughout several towers. The tallest tower has 35 stories.

The building in which Harrah’s is located originally opened as the Holiday Casino in 1973. During that time the property featured a steamboat theme. The hotel was renamed as Harrah’s in 1992 and purchased by Harrah’s in 1997. Following the purchase by Harrah’s the property was completely renovated and the theme changed to a carnival party atmosphere.

Harrah’s Blackjack

Number of Blackjack Tables
: 50

Minimum Blackjack Bet: $5.00

Max Blackjack Bet: $5,000

Blackjack Variations: Per Pit: Single / Double / Shoes / 8-deck Auto

House Rules: Vary by Pit: No double after split, No surrender on High

Blackjack Tournaments: n/a

Blackjack Tutorials: Dealer assistance

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