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History of the Bally’s Las Vegas

The site where Bally’s resides was originally occupied by the Bonanza Hotel and Casino, opening in 1963. The Bally Entertainment group purchased the property in 1985 and renamed the casino Bally’s.

Today, Bally’s is one of the most recognized resorts in Las Vegas. Positioned directly in the center of the Las Vegas Strip, Bally’s offers a number of advantages including a 67,000 square foot casino, hotel spa and several restaurants. Restaurants offered in Bally’s include a shushi bar, chocolate shop, pizza parlor and steak house. There is also an in-house arcade. Bally’s also offers the longest running show on the strip; Jubilee.

Bally’s is also known for its unique art-deco style including Baroque outdoor sculptures and beautiful florescent lighting; all leading into the magnificent indoor casino.

Bally’s boasts a total of 2,814 rooms to pleasure and business guests. Guests will find everything they are looking for at the well known Bally’s. Modern indulgences alongside a hint of classic Vegas style will appeal to all visitors.

Bally’s Blackjack

Number of Blackjack Tables
: 20

Minimum Blackjack Bet: $10

Max Blackjack Bet: Single $2,000 / Double $3,000

Blackjack Variations: Single 6-5 / Shoes 3-2

House Rules: No double after split

Blackjack Tournaments: Invitation only (Rules: Set by Host)

Blackjack Tutorials: Dealer Assistance

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