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Howard Moon

Howard Moon started learning to card count around the turn of the century taking inspiration from many noted names in the blackjack community.

He selected the Hi/Lo counting system – a balanced counting system – feeling it to be the best compromise between power and simplicity and offering the opportunity to extend into other more advanced strategies which unbalanced systems could not.

Howard has spent many years researching the strategies he uses and communicating with many highly respected authorities on the game. Throughout this time he has developed connections with a small but comprehensive network of very knowledgeable players with whom he communicates regularly. He has been known to post on a multitude of online message boards under a variety of names, but he does not do this often.

To date, Howard has accrued many hundreds of hours of casino experience, has played all over the world and has trained a small yet highly successful team of players who employ a variety of legal advanced techniques in their attempts to take as much money out of the casino industry as possible.

Howard is very much of the opinion that great possibilities still exist for making large amounts of money playing casino games. He believes that a successful player must spend time finding good playing opportunities and then exploiting them to whatever extent their bankroll allows.

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