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Zappit 21

Zappit 21 is a blackjack game offered exclusively by Bodog, which operates as Bovada in the U.S. market.  The game was invented by Geoff Hall.  He is the game designer for Blackjack Switch and was the first to introduce blackjack games that push when the dealer makes a hand of 22 points.

There are two major rule changes that make Zappit 21 different than traditional blackjack.  The biggest change is that a player may replace any two cards that make a combined total of 15, 16 or 17.  When a player wishes to dump a 15-17 hand, he should hit the Zappit button.  This will replace the two cards originally dealt to the player with the next two in the deck.

A player should zap a hand every time the option is available with one exception, when the hand is a pair of eights against a 6 or 7.  In that case, the player should split.  Many players may think staying on 17 against a dealer’s bust card is the right play.  This is a big mistake.  Draw a different hand when dealt 17 every time, regardless of what the dealer is showing.

A hand that is replaced is basically the same as a split hand.  It may be played as normal.  This also means that if a player draws a natural blackjack, it only plays as a 21 and may still push.

There is another major rule change that offsets this player advantage.  All hands that are still in the game push if the dealer makes a point total of 22.  Natural blackjacks that were not redrawn are still paid before the dealer draws.  Hands that bust before the dealer acts still lose.

Zappit 21 uses six decks, which are reshuffled after every hand.  The dealer hits soft 17.  All pairs except aces may be split twice into three hands.

Players may double on any two cards and after splitting.  Surrender is allowed, even after 15, 16, or 17 have been zapped.

The minimum bet is $1, while the max bet is $500.  Limits may be raised to players upon request.

Strategy Differences Between Zappit 21 and Blackjack

Zappit 21 players should refer to Blackjack Switch strategy when playing the game.  This is because both games have the rule that a player pushes when the dealer makes a total of 22.

Below is a list of some of the strategy difference between Zappit 21 and traditional blackjack:

  • Hit 12 against a 4
  • Hit 13 against a 3
  • Only split 2’s and 3’s against a 4, 5, or 6
  • Never split 4’s
  • Do not split 6’s or 7’s against a 2
  • Do not split 9’s against a 2 or 3
  • Do not double 10 against a 8
  • Do not double 11 against a 10 or 11
  • Never double soft 14 or 15
  • Only double soft 16 against a 6
  • Only double soft 17 and 18 against a 5 or 6

The rules of Zappit 21 give the game a house edge of 1%.  The edge goes up .1% if surrender is not allowed.

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