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Super 21

Super 21 is a blackjack variant that is identical to the game known as Super Fun 21 that may be found in casinos throughout the world. The online version spreads eight decks and reshuffles after each hand. The dealer hits a soft 17.

The minimum bet is usually $1. The maximum wager allowed is typically between $200 and $500. Higher limits are available to players upon request.

Super 21 is dealt just like a traditional blackjack game. The player chooses a wager amount and is dealt two cards. The dealer receives two cards. One of the dealer’s cards is placed face up. The other is placed face down.

The player automatically wins on a blackjack, even if the dealer also has a natural. Blackjacks only pay even money, except in diamonds, when it pays 2-1. While the blackjack payout is short, there are many other rules that offset it.

Players may double on any two cards and after splitting. Pairs may be split up to three times, making a total of four hands. Split aces may be hit and resplit.

Surrender is offered at Super 21. This is not just available on the first two cards. Players may surrender after drawing, splitting and doubling down. This is similar to double down surrender in Spanish 21, known as Match Play 21 at online casinos. A double down surrender loses the doubled wager, but the original hand’s bet is returned.

A hand of six cards that makes a point total of 20 or less automatically wins. A five-card or more 21 pays 2-1 automatically. Neither of these hands can push.

Strategy Differences Between Super 21 and Blackjack

There are few plays that are different in Super 21 than they would be in a traditional blackjack game. Players should double 10 against an ace. This is because the hand may be surrendered if an undesirable card is dealt. Soft 19 should be doubled against a 6.

With three cards, players should not double a 9 against a 3. Soft 18 should not be doubled against a 2 on three cards.

Four-card hands get interesting. Players should never double down a four-card 11. This is because a five-card 21 pays 2-1, unless it is doubled. The only hard hand that should be doubled on four cards is 10 when the dealer is showing a 4, 5, or 6. The only four-card soft hand that should be doubled is a soft 19 against a 6.

A hand that is doubled down can be surrendered. Players should do this when the doubled hand results in a count of 12 through 16 against a dealer’s 8, 9, 10 or ace. A doubled 17 should also be surrendered when the dealer is showing an ace.

Super 21 House Edge

The house edge of Super 21 at Real Time Gaming casinos is 1.42%.

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