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European Blackjack

European Blackjack is a variant that looks and feels like a traditional blackjack game with one big change.  The dealer does not receive his down card until after the player acts.  The dealer does not peak to determine if the house has a blackjack because he does not have his down card yet.

The European hole card rule changes how some double and split hands should be played.  This is due to the dealer winning additional double and split bets if he has a natural blackjack.

American blackjack players may not be familiar with this game, however, this is how blackjack is dealt in many international casinos, including Macau. European Blackjack is not spread in any live casinos in the U.S.

Most online casinos spread European Blackjack alongside traditional blackjack games.  It is clearly marked in the casino site’s lobby.

American blackjack games that deal the hole card first generally offer a lower house edge.  We suggest playing these games over European Blackjack when the rules about double down, splitting and hitting or standing on soft 17 are identical.

A hand of European Blackjack starts with the player placing a wager.  The minimum bet is typically just $1.  The casino site sets the maximum bet.  This will vary from one operator to another.  It will be at least $200 and can run into the thousands.

Sites will increase maximum bets for players that request it after passing a security check.  If the max bet is too low for you, simply contact support to see if it can get increased.

The player is dealt two cards in European Blackjack, while the dealer receives only one.  The dealer’s card is dealt face up.

The player may hit, stand, double down or split.  Surrender is not generally offered at European Blackjack.  Some sites will only allow players to double on 9, 10, and 11 before and after splitting.  Real Time Gaming is one these groups.  This is offset by the dealer staying on all 17’s.

These rules are standard throughout Europe and at most online sites.  The house edge for this game is .62% when using basic strategy.

Strategy Differences Between American and European Blackjack

The dealer not taking a hole card until after the player acts changes a few plays.  These differences are due to the house taking both bets of a double down or split if the dealer ends up with a blackjack after player action.

  • Aces should be split against all dealer cards except an ace.
  • Do not split 8’s against a 10 or ace.
  • Do not double 11 against a 10 or ace.
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