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Secret System

By Howard Moon

Part of the blackjack betting systems series by a professional blackjack card counter.

The last system I’m going to take a look at even I don’t have any knowledge of. This is a secret system. There are many webpages offering to sell systems that the owner’s have invented, but they won’t give you any detail as to what the system is. They claim that this system is so powerful that they have to keep it hidden otherwise the casinos will try to stop players using it. When you decided to pay the money to get a look at the system you are told that to get access to this system, you have to sign a legally binding contract stating that you will not show this system to anyone else, so that the system will remain secret. Well with all this protection and secrecy this system’s got to be a winner right?

Unfortunately not. This system probably consists of many of the elements of the systems already discussed above, or something equally as useless. The reason that they hype up the need for secrecy by making you sign contracts agreeing not to discuss this system with anyone else is actually just to stop you going to any legitimate gambling expert to seek advice on the effectiveness of the system.
Think about it – if their system was as effect as their advert is making out, why are they selling it on and risking a casino surveillance operative buying it and discovering how to stop it when they could be out there playing and making a fortune themselves? The truth is that anyone who legitimately discovered a new system to beat any casino game wouldn’t need to sell it on. They would be out there making a fortune playing and keeping their secret so that they could keep playing.

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