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By Howard Moon

This is part of the blackjack betting systems series.

There are many system sellers out there who will try to tell you that the Random Number Generators (RNG) used by online casinos in all of their game’s aren’t actually as random as the casinos believe they are. They’ll tell you that they’ve been working on a system using hundreds of thousands of past results and have worked out a pattern, one that they can predict and you can use.

This scam plays on the fact that most people do not understand how RNG work. Before a RNG starts it need an input number from the user to base it’s calculations on. This input number is the exact time to a very small fraction of a second that the user presses the start button. Unless you can press that button at exactly the right instant you’ll never predict the number that’s going to be produced and hence the results. Even if you could manage that accurate an input, prediction of results would be incredibly difficult or more astutely – near-impossible.

So to re-iterate, previous results have no effect on future results when playing an online casino. Anyone claiming that they can predict the next event is talking rubbish.

One last item on this topic – and it applies to many different types of phony systems not just online systems – many systems will tell you to try them out on various free online game simulators. Many of these online game simulators – especially the ones belonging to the various internet casinos – are set up to ensure that the player wins. This is not a hard and fast rule – there are many genuine games simulators out there – but many other simulators are bias to the player.
The idea behind this is that the strategy when tested on these programs will come up with positive results. The player – emboldened by their success on these player bias programs – then goes onto a real casino and drops a bundle against the games that are as they actually should be.

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