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Blackjack Guarantees and Testimonials

Written by Howard Moon

The conclusion of the blackjack betting system articles. The article goes over blackjack testimonials and guarantees.

Blackjack System Testimonials

The last couple of issues that I want to look at aren’t actually scams in themselves, but they are something that almost all phony systems have in common – testimonials and guarantees.
Just about every system seller will have emails from ecstatic customers plastered all over their webpage bragging about just how well the system has done for them, sometimes even offers of ways to contact previous customers to get first hand accounts. There are 2 major problems with this. The first is obvious – when you are only speaking to someone online, how you can ever confirm that they are who they say they are?
The second is more deceptive. With any system no matter how useless it is in the long run, if you try it enough times some of those times it will succeed. Think of it like this, if 100 people try the system – 20 of them win and 80 of them lose – which emails do you think will get posted on the main page of the website?

Blackjack Guarantees

Just about every phony system ever sold has stated clearly that they will refund your money if you are not completely satisfied. How can they do this? How can the seller of a system that doesn’t work possibly offer a money back guarantee? Surely they’d be inundated with money back demands?
It’s fairly simple – no matter how bad the system, there are always going to be some winners, even if it is only in the short run. So they take at least 40% of their customer’s money without any threat of anyone demanding money back. And when you take into account that it costs the seller nothing to come up with the idea, and they have no operating costs, that 40% is all profit.
Those people that do want their money back will typically be faced with one of two problems. The second that they try and get your money back from one of these shady characters they’ll either get no response – they’re likely in another legal jurisdiction so pretty much immune to any legal threat – or they will fob the angry customer off time and time again, offering up every excuse in the book as to why the money’s not back in their bank account. This will keep going essentially until the customer gets bored and can’t be bothered chasing it any more. The chances of them ever seeing their hard earned cash is practically 0.

There are a huge number of people out there who want you to give them your money and they will promise you anything you can dream of to get it. It just so happens that those inclined to gambling are also more inclined to jump at a get rich quick scheme. Do a google search for Blackjack – all those adverts at the top – garbage systems. Now search just about any other game – same results. All those randomly generated adverts on sites talking about winning systems – garbage. Just remember that if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
This article is just a beginning, something to help you start to recognize the most basic forms of scam, but before you invest any serious time or money on any system you should do your research and ask for the opinions of experienced player. To get you started I will finish with a link to a library of sites debunking various blackjack and gambling scams. Hopefully this will help you navigate the minefield that is the modern gambling world.

And if you do find a system that you think is legitimately worth investigating – ask for the opinions of the poster’s on that board. You may not like what you hear, but there are a few knowledgeable players there.

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