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Blackjack Betting Systems

By Howard Moon

This is written by a professional blackjack card counter on the myths of blackjack betting systems. Check out more from Howard Moon including learning how to card count.

Since the first casino popped into existence hundreds of years ago, people have been trying to beat the games that the house offers. Weird and wonderful systems are 10 a penny all claiming that they can make riches fast, turning any casino into which a reputable person might happen to venture into their own personal cash machine. The dreams of easy money and hitting it big have caused every Tom, Dick and Harry to try their hand at inventing a winning system – unfortunately very few of these systems work or at least very few of the legal ones do.

Blackjack Betting Systems Revealed

Here are the different betting systems that are commonly used while playing blackjack. Here you will find an article for each betting system that will explain the blackjack betting system along with why it doesn’t work.

Why Blackjack Betting Strategy Doesn’t Work

I personally have had the honor of witnessing some of the weirdest and most twisted logic the world has every seen – that of the person with money at risk and no rational way to decide what to do. Imagine witnessing at the blackjack table the man who would always place a very large bet behind the player who is 3 boxes down from a player who got blackjack on the last round, or the woman who is blaming every penny of her several thousand dollar loss on the player who doesn’t know what he’s doing at first base – this player of course must be destroying the mystical and sacred ‘flow’ of the cards.

Gambling and selective memory provide one of the most fertile environments for superstition and baseless accusations to breed. No-one likes losing, when it happens the loser often needs some way to rationalize the loss and will look for someone or something to blame. It could never be the fact that they don’t play a very good game, or that they sat down and played a game where the house has the rules stacked in their favor. When a player wins, they start to look for patterns to repeat their good fortune – and will find them even if they are not really there or will not continue in the future. The memory of one good session will often cause a player to make the same mistake many hundreds of times over simply because it worked out so well that one time.
The problem with the vast majority of these systems is that they try to use factors that are totally independent of the game, or indeed have no impact on the odds of the game to decide when to raise their bets – waiting in vein for God or luck to swing the game in their favor. This is a classic and huge mistake and I’m going to try and explore some of the more common knowledge systems and give you some advice to help you avoid buying into many bogus system sellers’ patter.

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