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Blackjack Betting

Blackjack betting is made simple over the Internet. Players choose a chip denomination and click the betting box until the desired wager is placed. Some online blackjack games allow players to receive multiple hands per round. Each will require its own separate bet. The wagers do not need to be equal.

Some players like to vary bets. This can be due to a positive count on the deck. This is pointless at casino sites as the cards are reshuffled after every hand. The only reason to vary bets is when you are on a winning or losing streak that affects your overall bankroll. A bad run can increase your risk of ruin if you do not adjust your bets. A hot streak can create an opportunity to increase bet sizes.

Some players feel that luck changes with every card. Most serious players do not believe in this. As long as you do not bet too high for your available bankroll, taking a shot when feeling lucky by making a large bet here and there is not a bad idea. That is the best way to catch a big win. Just be prepared for when the cards do not fall to your advantage.

Live blackjack betting requires players to buy into the game with cash. The dealer will exchange the money for chips. Professional blackjack players vary bet sizes depending on the card count. A ten-rich deck provides an opportunity to bet more because the player is more likely to make blackjacks and the dealer will bust more often.

Additional Blackjack Betting Opportunities

The two most common plays after getting dealt two cards at blackjack is to hit or stand. A hit means that a player wants an additional card in an attempt to improve the hand. A stand is when the player is satisfied with his point value. There are two other ways a player can get more blackjack bets on the table.

Double Down – All blackjack games allow a player to double down. This is where the original blackjack bet is matched by an additional wager. The player then receives one more card. No more cards may be drawn. You should double down when you have 9 against a dealer’s 3, 4, 5, or 6. A 10 should be doubled against a 2 through 9. Always double 11 against any dealer card except an ace.

Some houses will have special double down rules. Some may say that you can only double down on 9-11 or 10 and 11 only. Most will let you double down on any two cards. This is advantageous when you have a soft 15 or 16 against dealer bust cards.

Split – You are allowed to split any time that you are dealt a pair. There are times when spitting is not the correct play. A pair of 5’s or 10’s should never be split. A pair of aces or eights should always be split. Others depend on what card the dealer is showing. Some splits depend on whether double down is allowed on the new hands. For example, 4’s should only be split against a 4, 5, or 6 when double down after splitting is allowed. Otherwise, hit the hand as a hard 8.

Surrender – Surrender is a different type of blackjack bet. It is one where a portion of the original wager is returned to the player. Half of a surrendered bet is lost to the house and the hand is folded. Surrender 15 against a 10 or ace and 16 versus a 9, 10 or ace in most online blackjack games.

Each live and online blackjack game has its own set of rules. No two games are alike. Always double check the rules of the table to make sure that the best blackjack bets are available to you. Online casinos will post the rules in a help file or on a virtual placard on the table. Live casinos do not generally post the rules so always ask the dealer or the pit boss what you are allowed to bet, especially as it pertains to splits, double downs and surrender.

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