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A classic scene of playing blackjack is in the HBO show Entourage. They are playing a high stakes blackjack game and are at the time down a couple hundred thousand dollars. The main character feels lucky and sits down at the blackjack table ready to win back his money. He is dealt pocket 8’s which he immediately splits and then another 8 is dealt and he splits that. Then on one of the split cards he is dealt an 11 and he doubles down (basic blackjack strategy) At that point, the main character in the show has a classic quote when he says “No Choice, Double Down” after he is dealt the 11. There was no hesitation on his part but with 300k on the blackjack table his friends are riveted. He is then dealt the next card and stays which finishes his turn.

The dealer then asks the player to the left of them what he wants to do with K’s. He asks to split them which makes Ari (the main character’s agent) who has half of the 300k at stake is swearing at the player for hitting at this point. The dealer tells him the player can do whatever he wants and the rest is history… I don’t want to give away what happens but it is a great clip.

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