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The Real Hustle TV show aired an episode dedicated to Casino Blackjack and how to have “advantage play” while playing blackjack in a casino. They used some popular techniques to beat the casino including: Ace Locating, Shuffle Tracking and Card Counting. These techniques are popular with blackjack players and have been used to take millions from casinos. One important thing to remember are these techniques are all legal but casinos try to make it hard to use these techniques to keep the advantage in their favor.

In the show they set up a blackjack game with many novice players and two experts. The expert players were able to win much more frequently then the players around them and many of the novice players just thought it was the expert blackjack players “lucky” day because they were unaware they were professionals. They couldn’t believe how they were winning consistently and seemed to always bet more at the right moments.

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