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Worst Blackjack Decisions Players Can Make

One always meets blackjack players who make the worst possible decisions regarding standing, hitting, splitting, and doubling. Some of the worst things blackjack players can do is hit when they have hard 17 and stand when they have lesser than 10. Fortunately, bad decisions on the part of a blackjack player have absolutely no effect on the bankrolls of his/her opponents.

Here are some players who are eligible to be inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Shame. They are players who never take into consideration their bankrolls although they dream of winning large jackpots or earning plenty of comp points.

Players who insist on playing blackjack that pays 6 – 5 also fall into this category. Playing 6 – 5 blackjack when a casino offers 3 – 2 blackjack is the worst blackjack strategy a player can employ.

Other players who can easily get inducted into the Blackjack Hall of Shame are those who are serious about side bets, those who are unhappy even after getting blackjack, those who just never learn basic blackjack strategy, and many others. Players should remember that the house edge for side bets such as In Between, Lucky Ladies, and 21+3 is higher, which is why casinos offer these side bets in the first place.

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