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Why Casinos Offer Six to Five Blackjack Games

Most serious blackjack players claim that 3:2 blackjack is more profitable than 6:5 blackjack. While this is true, one cannot always insist on playing 3:2 blackjack when one is out at the casino playing blackjack with friends who just want to have fun and are least bothered about winning. 

While it is better to play 3:2 blackjack games, there is no point in getting obsessed about it. For instance, playing 6:5 blackjack games at The Riviera Casino’s $1 blackjack tables doesn’t really translate into a huge loss for the player. Although there is a 1.38 percent difference in the house edge of The Riviera’s $1 6:5 blackjack games and that of 3:2 blackjack games, it must be noted that the former is offered for only $1. If players make a few quick calculations, they will realize that they will be losing just a few dollars to house in exchange for some fun time with friends.

No smart gambler seeking to make a fortune playing blackjack would choose to play 6:5 blackjack games. However, a casino executive has stated that his casino continues to offer 6:5 blackjack tables because most of the players just do not care; they only want to have fun playing their favorite card game.

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