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Virtual Casino from VGW

Chumba World is Virtual Gaming World’s (VGW) answer to the idea of fusing together social gaming and gambling. They are in the last stages of the completion of the game, which is described as “Second life meets Farmville meets Vegas.”

This is a free game where players are allowed to create their own casinos as well as customize all the relating details of the game. They are given a chance to build their own roulette tables, poker parlors and even Blackjack casinos online. Visiting and playing at the other player’s casino is also possible.

There is no need for VGW to possess a gambling license since wagering and payout of real cash is not involved, although players from all over the world can wager by purchasing virtual coins just like any other social games available on any social media sites.

The project was recently posted at Kickstarter, an online fund-raising platform, as the company was hoping to raise $50,000 by March 4.

Laurence Escalante, VGW CEO and founder is said in a recent interview at GamesBeat, “(Although) we’ve raised money from private investors here in Australia, to complete much of what we’ve done to date, a platform/MMO/casino undertaking of this size is pretty ambitious and requires a lot of resources.”

What makes this setup unique from the rest of the online game casinos, is that it gives players the chance to earn real money. VGW has so far made sure that winnings cannot be cashed out. However, as their casinos gets visited by friends and followers, having these people spend virtual currency at your blackjack table or anywhere else, VGW are able to calculate the earnings and owners are given a small revenue share as real or virtual money.

This part is still being developed and the kinks are still being worked out. Still, this type of setup exempts Chumba World operators and players from any gambling-related rules.

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