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Video Blackjack on Decline in Vegas

Internet blackjack information site has released their annual survey of blackjack games in Las Vegas, and it has some bad news for those that enjoy playing video blackjack in Sin City.

The report revealed that video blackjack conditions have gotten substantially worse following a strong growth in favorable games during 2014. Nearly all casinos located on the Las Vegas Strip and Downtown Las Vegas have reduced the payouts on video blackjack to 6-5, making the games almost unplayable. Notable exceptions to this rule are the Venetian and Palazzo, as they currently pay 3-2 on blackjack. Players can find machines that pay 3-2 on naturals, although the number of these machines is down drastically as well.

Online Blackjack’s analysts concluded that video blackjack in Vegas is basically unplayable, and have begun pushing players toward video craps.

The Las Vegas Blackjack survey is an annual tradition at, as it sends analysts out into the world’s second-largest gambling market to study the various 21 games available for play, notes the table minimum bets, rules, and payouts. Through this information, the site is able to put together comprehensive articles that give players the best spots to play in an effort to maximize their odds of success against the house. In addition to video blackjack, the site also put together analysis of single deck, double deck, and shoe games, and analyzed the conditions of the Northern, Central, and Southern Strip as well as Downtown Vegas.

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