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Vegas Casinos on the Lookout for Blackjack Card Counting App Users

While blackjack players are looking to get their hands on blackjack applications that allow them to count cards and win at the game, the Vegas casinos are on the hunt to spot blackjack card counting apps used by players.

Reports claim that the Vegas casinos are focusing on the iPhone blackjack card counting application and are looking to spot blackjack cheaters using it. A California casino recently apprehended players using the latest iPhone blackjack app to count cards at tables in an attempt to win.

After this, casinos in Vegas were put on the alert and the Nevada Gaming Control Board went a step further and sent out warnings to several prominent casinos in Las Vegas advising them to be on guard about players using the app. The exact specific details of this app have not been divulged for security purposes.

Players who may be unaware of the laws in Las Vegas in regard to card counting at the blackjack table must take note that although the region does permit card counting, it outlaws the use of a device to help the player count cards. Furthermore, this will be considered a felony. However, most casinos do frown on card counting in general and try to get rid of such players.

This blog entry was posted on Monday, December 20th, 2010 at 6:16 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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