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Unemployed Teacher Finds Work as Blackjack Dealer

Marcia Fuqua, a 48 year old ex-teacher found work as a blackjack dealer, after she was laid off by the school in DC where she worked as a physical education and health teacher.

Fuqua lost her job in the fall along with several others from the school and soon became yet another unemployment statistic, until she decided to get a job that would give her the upper hand.

The ex-teacher quit looking to schools and the educational field for employment and turned instead to one of the most promising industries today. The gaming industry has shown a strong growth rate despite the economic crisis and Fuqua decided to find a job in this sector.

She then took up training for a course of two months to become a blackjack dealer, which appears to have paid off when she landed a job as a blackjack and poker dealer at the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races.

Fuqua claims to have always been fascinated with blackjack dealers and believes that this is a great job situation. Fuqua initially had a bit of trouble placing the chips properly in the table as it required nimble fingers, but soon discovered that being a blackjack dealer was possible once she got the hang of it. She claimed her problem was that she was trying too hard.

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