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Tracing Blackjack From Its Origins To Live Games

A recent news article traced the origins of Blackjack and reported that it has a great history. According to common belief is that it originated as Vingt En Un back in the time of Louis XIV and was played by wealthy Frenchmen. In the game of Vingt En Un, players could only place bets after each round and only the dealer was allowed to double. The goal was to reach a total of 21.

Initially, after the French Revolution when Blackjack came to America it faced fierce opposition from the then-US government since it was believed that gambling was corrupting the society. Hence, blackjack games were only played in small rooms, in back alleys without much public knowledge, by those who truly loved this exciting card game.

During the early 1930s, the state of Nevada legalized gaming and blackjack came out into the open. Blackjack tables were lined up in every casino on the Las Vegas strip. When played at live casinos it was easy for those who were good at math to cheat the game by counting cards and the dealer, as we have seen in the movie “21”. Today, however, the game of blackjack has evolved into live blackjack that decreases the chances of cheating and helps keep the essence of the game intact.

It is great to think of blackjack players, playing online from different parts of the world and enjoying this simple yet exciting game of cards. Today, players can try live online blackjack games at sites like Guruplay, one of the premier online casinos in Europe offering live blackjack games every day of the week.

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