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Simple Card Tracking Method for Blackjack Players

Besides using basic blackjack strategy, blackjack players need to keep track of the cards dealt as blackjack odds keep fluctuating.

The best blackjack players not only have excellent mathematical skills, but also spend several hours practicing. However, recreational blackjack players can use methods that can give them a fair idea of the cards that have already been dealt although these methods aren’t as good as those used by blackjack pros.

Besides watching the cards in their own hands, blackjack players must make a mental note of the cards dealt to all the other players. Whenever a new game starts, players should keep track of the number of aces and ten cards that have already been dealt. If 38 aces and ten value cards have been dealt after playing two decks, the house advantage is the same and hasn’t slipped in favor of either the player or the house. If less than 38 tens and aces have been dealt, players stand a better chance of getting blackjack.

Players will greatly improve their odds of winning if they keep separately track of the aces dealt. In case of a six-deck blackjack game, the house edge remains even after playing two decks if only 8 aces have been dealt.


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