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Shuffle Master Creates New Blackjack Game with Strategy Side Bet

Several online blackjack variants are associated with side bets, although blackjack players wonder why a side bet that pays in the range of 75 percent to 90 percent is required in the first place while a simple, straightforward game of blackjack pays anywhere in the range of 90 percent to 95 percent.

Side bets are successful because they give blackjack players the opportunity to win a large cash prize on one hand. Since the payouts on a side bet can be as low as 4 – 1 and as high as 1000 – 1, players can quickly convert a $5 bet into as much as $5000. Side bets are not associated with any strategy, owing to which the house has a low payout percentage for them.

Two months ago, Shuffle Master came up with blackjack variant called House Money, which has a strategy side bet, which means that players can actually improve their chances of winning it. While this is the only blackjack side bet of its kind with strategy, it hardly affects basic blackjack strategy.

The casinos in which House Money was demonstrated appear to have liked the idea, and the blackjack variant will be launched at Siena Hotel in Reno after two weeks.

This blog entry was posted on Friday, September 7th, 2012 at 9:25 pm and is filed under Blackjack News.

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